Pay per click

Pay per click the part of the digital advertising model generally used to promote clients website in order to increase the visibility and ultimately clicks. There is a direct relationship between the amount spent and the number of clicks tracked. With PPC, it is not only the text ads that promotes your product also you can go ahead with banner Advertising on different websites keeping in mind your target audience.


Before working on any clients project, our team does the complete analysis which involves the market position, competition, objective, target areas, audience, duration and the budget to be allocated.


Depending upon the business objective and requirements the budget is finalized between the parties keeping in mind the ROI client is actually looking for. Our experts after complete discussion decide on the budget to be allocated across the platforms.


Based on the user searches, product portfolio and competition the best keywords are shortlisted by our experts. Keeping in mind the language, easy readable, long tail phrase our professionals thereafter finalize the list of keywords.


Tracking is the crucial step of every ad campaign. Our experts use the tools like Web Analytics, Google Ad sense to track the performance of the campaign. We have a specialized team of experts who are always monitoring the bids, budgets, keywords, statistics and the ROI being captured.